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Pawan Gyanwali
Senior VP of Innovation & Digital Transformation
About Pawan Gyanwali

As the SVP, of IT-Strat as Digital Transformation and Innovation, Pawan Gyanwali doesn’t merely navigate the company’s strategic directives; he shapes them, infusing every decision with an understanding of technological complexity and market dynamics. Pawan’s ability to see beyond the horizon and anticipating shifts in the digital realm has established him as a lead in the industry, particularly in areas of Digital Transformation, AI/ML innovations, and Operational Excellence. 

Before joining IT-Strat, at Ardent Management Consulting, Pawan’s role extended far beyond drafting technological frameworks; he was the brain behind the forward-thinking strategy. With a keen insight into industry notes, he consistently strengthened company’s foothold in domains such as Digital Transformation, AI/ML innovations, and Business Strategy. Pawan’s mark was evident in the sight of successful proposals the firm has secured under his support. His unique blend of technical acumen and business strategy has been instrumental in securing deals that have been lucrative and transformative for the organization. Pawan’s unparalleled ability to guide clients through digital transformation journeys sets him apart. With a client-centric approach, he decodes complex technical jargons, presenting them as actionable insights, ensuring the client not only understands but also champions the digital pivot in their operations. 

Before gracing Ardent with his expertise, Pawan orchestrated a work of innovation at GMAC as the Senior Director of Application Development and Integration. Here, his leadership wasn’t just about overseeing—it was about vision. Under his guidance, digital transformation became more than a buzzword; it became a tangible force, driving data analytics and influencing decision-making at every step. His role at Edgar Online further exemplified his expertise, where he directed the genesis of financial products that are now benchmarks in the sector. From pivotal roles at CGI Federal, CGI, Datatel Inc. and Plateau Systems to transformative shifts at places like Interstate Hotels & Resorts, his journey is a testament to relentless pursuit and expertise.