IT-Strat is dedicated to providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions to our federal clients. We understand the criticality of cybersecurity in today’s interconnected world and strive to offer the most effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Our approach to cybersecurity solutions is based on the principle of zero trust architecture, which means we assume no user or device is trustworthy until verified.

Our solutions, which include SEIM, SOAR, vulnerability detection, and monitoring, work together to provide a comprehensive security approach that mitigates risks and protects against potential threats.

We leverage a combination of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and open-source tools to create our cybersecurity solutions. COTS tools, such as Splunk and Fortinet, provide powerful capabilities that are essential for detecting and mitigating cyber threats. Our team of experts has years of experience working with these tools and can customize them to fit the specific needs of each client. In addition, we utilize open-source tools, such as OSSIM and OpenVAS, to enhance our solutions and provide greater flexibility in terms of customization and integration.

Our SEIM solution provides real-time event correlation, threat detection, and incident response. By analyzing log data from various sources, including firewalls, routers, and servers, our SEIM can identify potential threats and alert the appropriate personnel for immediate action. Our SOAR solution provides automated threat response capabilities, allowing us to take immediate action against identified threats. Our vulnerability detection solution utilizes automated scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation recommendations. Finally, our monitoring solution provides continuous monitoring of network activity and threat intelligence feeds to identify potential threats.

We understand that no two clients are the same, and we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our cybersecurity experts work closely with each client to assess their current cybersecurity posture, identify potential vulnerabilities, and develop a comprehensive solution that mitigates risks and protects against potential threats.

In conclusion, IT-Strat brings top-tier cybersecurity solutions to our federal clients by leveraging a combination of COTS and open-source tools to create a zero-trust architecture that provides comprehensive security. Our SEIM, SOAR, vulnerability detection, and monitoring solutions work together to mitigate risks and protect against potential threats. We take pride in our ability to customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and provide expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Our Cybersecurity Capabilities

  • Risk Management: IT-Strat helps organizations to identify and assess cyber risks, and to develop risk management strategies to mitigate those risks. This includes conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and developing incident response plans.
  • Threat Intelligence: IT-Strat has expertise in threat intelligence, enabling organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and proactively defend against cyber attacks. This includes monitoring threat intelligence feeds, analyzing threat data, and developing countermeasures to mitigate risks.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): IT-Strat helps organizations to establish and operate security operations centers (SOCs), which provide 24/7 monitoring of an organization’s network and data assets. This enables organizations to quickly detect and respond to security incidents, reducing the impact of cyber attacks.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): IT-Strat helps organizations to implement IAM solutions, which enable them to control user access to critical systems and data. This helps organizations to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data.
  • Data Protection: IT-Strat has expertise in data protection, including encryption, backup and recovery, and data loss prevention. This enables organizations to protect their sensitive data assets and maintain compliance with regulations.
  • Security Architecture: IT-Strat helps organizations to design and implement secure architecture solutions that protect their data assets and mitigate cyber risks. This includes developing security policies, standards, and procedures, and implementing security controls to enforce them.
  • Cloud Security: IT-Strat helps organizations to secure their cloud-based infrastructure and data assets, including cloud storage, applications, and services. This includes developing cloud security policies, conducting risk assessments, and implementing security controls to protect cloud-based assets.
  • Incident Response: IT-Strat helps organizations to develop and implement incident response plans, which enable them to quickly and effectively respond to security incidents. This includes incident triage, containment, and recovery, and post-incident analysis and remediation.
  • Compliance: IT-Strat helps organizations to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR. This includes developing compliance policies, conducting compliance audits, and implementing controls to maintain compliance.
  • Training and Awareness: IT-Strat helps organizations to educate their employees on cybersecurity best practices and to develop a culture of security awareness. This includes providing training on phishing and social engineering, password security, and safe browsing habits.